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Want to know what your spouse or child does when you are not around? Don't worry, scientists have developed a new mobile phone spying application which can help you keep a tab on their activities. The cell spy software allows users to monitor every move made on a person's mobile phone.It silently records everything including text messages, call info, GPS locations, websites visited, contacts added and retrieved. Even deleted e-mails and texts can be retrieved by the new application, its developers claimed. Logs are then e-mailed directly to your e-mail address, allowing you to read the results at home on your computer or on your smartphone while you're away.
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Cell Phone Spy Software: First for Email Reports

PhoneTracker also offers another unique feature call the SpyCall. With the SpyCall, the consumer can call the user’s phone from any line and eavesdrop into the ambient conversation and the surroundings on the otherside without the call being recorded.

PhoneTracker is compatible with Android, iPhones, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smartphones.
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Think your cell phone is secure? Think again...

Do you have virus protection on your cell phone?

If it's a smart phone, experts say it's not only smart, but necessary, to get your phone protected. The reason is cell phone crime targeting Androids, Blackberry's, and iPhones, is on the rise. "You wouldn't think of using your personal computer without adequate security protection, but most of us haven't considered that our cell phones can be just as vulnerable to hacker attacks," Said College of Western Idaho professor Don Bowers.
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Officials pull plug on website promoting hidden camera gadgets for principals

The city Education Department pulled the plug on its website portal to an I-Spy-type arsenal where principals browsed for hidden cameras to trick out their halls. Among the 45 undercover devices The News found listed on the site, were:

- A fluffy teddy bear with a built-in camera.

- A mini-cam fitted electric pencil sharpener.

- Neckties that double as spy-ties.

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