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"Researchers discovered a legal, 100% Stealth Cell Phone Spy Solution that lets you monitor and record ALL calls, texts, videos, photos and e-mails on ANY cell phone – without ever touching the target's phone."
From: Daniel Morley
Re: Find Out The Truth- Fast & Undetected

Dear friend,

I know how you feel... Suspecting that someone close to you is doing something behind your back is an extremely stressful situation to be in. It can affect your health, work and family life dramatically.

The longer you go without knowing the truth, the worse it gets.

Please read every word of this page, and I will PROVE to you that this amazing
Cell Spy Software
can give you the peace of mind you're looking for – very quickly.

You Can Spy On Any
Cell Phone In 2 Easy Steps

  STEP1                                                                           STEP2  
step1 - Install The Software On Install The Software On
Your Phone or PC
step2 - Intercept the target phone Intercept the target phone & access it remotely.


"Turn Your Phone Into a Powerful Information Gathering Tool"

Using proprietary technology previously only used by law enforcement and intelligence operatives worldwide, Undetectable-Cell-Spy installs in minutes and lets you monitor a person's every cell phone move in real time – without ever touching their phone.

It also records that information (calls, texts, e-mails, photos & videos) and automatically saves it for you.
Without leaving a trace.

But that's not all. Even when the person you're monitoring isn't using his/her phone, Undetectable-Cell-Spy tells you their exact location in real time, via its exclusive GPS Location Tracking feature.

listen to live calls extract SMS read call logs track location view photos view live videos

"It's literally like being
a fly on the wall"

Imagine this: Your loved one is making calls and sending text messages on his/her phone while away from you. You're sitting in front of your computer, listening IN REAL TIME, as the call is being made.

Undetectable-Cell-Spy conveniently records all calls, emails. SMS's, photos and videos, just in case you need to see them again later. Or for evidence. This is how advanced and sophisticated this software is.
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"There is nothing else like it currently on the market"

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Compatible With ANY
Type Of Mobile Phone



Unique & Powerful Features

Works on any and ALL MOBILE PHONES
Runs on both MAC and Windows Computers.
You don't need physical access to the target phone.
Installs in minutes on YOUR phone
Works Even If The Target Phone Is Locked Or Password Protected.
100% INVISIBLE & UNDETECTABLE, leaves no trace, guaranteed
Compatible with Bluetooth, Java, Prepaid Phones, PDA, Pocket PC Devices, Smart Phones and old phones.
Monitors, records & logs all CALLS made & received.
Monitors, records & logs all SMS TEXTS sent & received.
Monitors, records & logs all PHOTOS & VIDEOS sent & received.
Monitors, records & logs all EMAILS sent & received
Gives exact GPS location of target
View LIVE video as target is shooting the video on his/her phone
Limitless recording capacity & storage
No traces/evidence on phone bill
One time payment – no hidden charges
Monitor up to 5 mobile phones at once
365 days of FREE support and any upgrades

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Take advantage of these extra powerful features
  • Now You Can Even Recover Deleted SMS

  • Works Even If The Target Phone Is Locked Or Password Protected

  • Intercept Live Calls

  • Remotely Activate The Microphone

  • Reverse Phone Lookup Search allows you find information on the owner of any phone number. Results include name, address, phone provider, background info and more.

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Recent Video Reviews
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There are only 2 ways of finding information about someone:
The first is to hire a private detective.

It's not unusual for people to pay private investigators 1,000 of dollars to find information on people. In addition to spending a few thousand dollars, there are a lot of drawbacks to this method, such as finding/qualifying, then hiring a stranger that you will share deeply personal information with. Not for the faint of heart.

The second way of finding information about someone,
is using Undetectable-Cell-Spy as your private eye.

Undetectable-Cell-Spy is software, which means there is no potential human error involved. What you see is what you get. Furthermore,
it works for you 24/7, is extremely reasonably priced and keeps your privacy...private.

The results that Undetectable-Cell-Spy will reveal may or may not be what you want to find out, but one thing is sure – it will end the uncertainty for you,
and subsequently give you the peace of mind you deserve.

How much is peace of
mind worth to you?
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"Don't Say "Yes" Just Say "Maybe" And Give UndetectableCellSpy™ A Risk Free Test Drive
For 365 days, And If It Doesn't Deliver As Promised,
You Get Every Penny Back."
Try "UndetectableCellSpy" 
For 365 Full Days With A
No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!
365 days - Money Back Guarantee
Take the next 365 days to try it for yourself (although in all probability, you'll only need a few days to find what you're looking for with Undetectable-Cell-Spy). After 1 year (or any time before then), if you decide that it wasn't what you were looking for, simply send me an e-mail and you will receive an instant and cheerful refund.

You are completely protected by my iron clad 100% money back guarantee.  You will not only be satisfied, I guarantee you will be thrilled and amazed with the program, or you can ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund. 
In fact, if you're not completely happy for any reason at all, then
I insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many customers transform their lives, I'm totally confident that you're going to love this program too.

Daniel Morley

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Recent Customer Reviews
Hello there!
I just wanted to thank you for this amazing software! My friend recommended it to me last week. I'm a very busy mom, so I have very little time to supervise my kids.

At first, I was really nervous because I was so afraid I'd mess this up and my kids would find out. But thanks to your easy directions, my fears were relieved.

I was able to track all my kids' calls and texts in real time, which relieved another big fear. I am very pleased with the manner in which you offered impeccable customer support after the sale.

These days it's an extreme rarity to receive a supreme customer service from an online merchant and I'm extremely satisfied with the transaction.

I will certainly be doing business with your website again and with no hesitation or doubts whatsoever.

Unsolicited Testimonial from Michelle Lemois
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9 Benefits Of Using


...Uses unique, highly advanced technology. Previously only allowed to be used by government law enforcement agencies, Undetectable-Cell-Spy is the most technologically advanced, private & secure Spy Software on the market today.

...Undetectable-Cell-Spy Installs on YOUR phone in mere minutes.
You don't ever touch the target's phone
. The software collects all the data from the target phone via our proprietary technology platform - patent pending solution.

...Is brain-dead easy to use
– NO technical background or skills needed.
If you can read these words, you can use Undetectable-Cell-Spy.

...Instantly delivers your software when you purchase it
– even if it's 4am. Undetectable-Cell-Spy is delivered electronically, directly to your PC. Placing your order gives you instant access to the product. This means that you can literally start monitoring someone's phone minutes from now.

...Is 100% invisible, untraceable and undetectable. Tens of thousands of customers served, and not one single person traced.

...Works with ANY phone, old or new.

...It does the job – every time. Tens of thousands of happy customers
can't be wrong.

...Takes the risk out of ordering for you, by offering an unconditional, 365 day money back guarantee.


...Gives you free updates & tech support for the next 365 days

we will notify you any time there is an upgrade made to our software..

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Compatible With All Carriers

Compatible With All Carriers

Limited Time Discount!

Spots Left For Current Discount:
37, 23,12, 9

Estimated Time Left:
12, 5, 2, 1 Day

Sale Price Ends On:

" YES - I'm ready for the truth "

Cell Phone Spy Software
I'm ready to sign in!

secured website - order with confidence

Let me inside, as I know this is the best investment I can make right now. I'm aware that I have nothing to lose, as I'm protected by your 1 year, unconditional money back guarantee.

Get Access Now

I want the answers – I want peace of mind - I'm ready to learn
the truth. By signing up today, I understand the following:

You will grant me instant access. Once my enrollment is successfully processed, you will give me immediate access to your highly acclaimed Undetectable-Cell-Spy, including all the tutorials, resources, and additional bonuses.

I understand that I will forfeit the introductory price if I do not sign in today:

With Undetectable-Cell-Spy, I will be in possession of a simple, but highly advanced technology used to secretly monitor any cell phone, completely undetected.

I understand and agree to your terms & conditions.

As a bonus, I also get FREE updates & FREE technical support. If anything changes in the future, or if you come across a new feature, or a breakthrough that will benefit me, you will add it to my software and let
me know.

I pay no recurring fees or other charges, as this is a lifetime membership, fully paid.

In addition, I understand that I have 12 months to try Undetectable-Cell-Spy, and that if I decide that it wasn't what I wanted, I will get 100%
of my money back.

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all operating systems

faq - Undetectable-Cell-Spy
Q1:Do I need to alter my phone?
A1: NO. Our software is compatible with any phone, any year, make and model. No modification of any kind is needed.

Q2: Do I have to install Undetectable-Cell-Spy on the phone I'm spying on?
A2: : No. Unlike other spy-products, with Undetectable-Cell-Spy, you never touch your target's phone. It only gets installed on your own phone. Our software creates a connection with the target phone and all the collected data is stored on your phone or PC where it can be reviewed.

Q3: What if the target is located in another state or country?
A3: The distance between your phone and the target phone is irrelevant - you can spy on any cell phone - even if it's in another country or continent.

Q4: I need my order purchase to be anonymous, as I don't want anyone to know that I ordered this.
A4: No problem – our credit card charge simply appears as "CHARGE", which is 100% safe and anonymous.

Q5: Will it work in my country/state?
A5: Absolutely, yes. Undetectable-Cell-Spy works in any and every country in the world, as it works 100% independent of phone networks/connections/cell phone companies.

Q6: How many different phones can I can monitor?
A6: You are allowed to monitor up to 5 mobile phones at once. If you want to track more than 5 phones please contact us for a quote

Q7: Can I listen to live calls?
A7:When a call comes into the target phone, it is recorded so that you can listen to it later.
You also have the ability to listen to live calls, however all calls will be stored in a secure location on your phone or PC
for later review.

Q8: Is Undetectable-Cell-Spy REALLY 100% untraceable and undetectable?
A8: Yes, Undetectable-Cell-Spy is 100% untraceable and undetectable. In addition to rigorous testing from our development team, Undetectable-Cell-Spy has been cross tested by tens of thousands of satisfied customers across the globe.

Q9: How Can I Pay For Undetectable-Cell-Spy?
A9: Our payment processor is a Premium 100% secure merchant. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Q10: Is installing/registering the software a complicated process?
A10: The whole process is very simple. Once you've made your purchase, you'll instantly receive your download link. From there, you will have step by step directions.

Q11: I have a smart phone, but the phone I want to monitor is a really old phone.
Will this work?
A11: Undetectable-Cell-Spy is compatible with any and all phones. Undetectable-Cell-Spy supports all operating systems: Iphone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, BlackBerry.

Q12: Will I need an IMEI number?
A12: Undetectable-Cell-Spy gets installed directly on your phone, so you won't need an IMEI number

Q13: What are your working hours?
A13: Our web-store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You may place
your order at any time for instant access. Please keep in mind that our software is not available anywhere else in the world – online or offline. It is only available through this web site.

Q14: Do I have to jailbreak my phone or the target phone?
A14: NO - You don't need to jailbreak your phone or the target phone.

Q15: What do I do if the person I monitor catches me?
A15: Undetectable-Cell-Spy is 100% undetectable and untraceable. The only person who will ever know about it is you; the person who installed it. Undetectable-Cell-Spy's software creates no icons or menus, and emits no sounds.

Q16: So if I don't have to touch the target's phone, does that mean that I actually
remote-install it on their phone?
A16: Yes, this is correct. Thanks to Undetectable-Cell-Spy's advanced technology, you never touch your target's phone.

Q17: If I have other questions, how do I get them answered?
A17: Simply contact us – our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts are always happy to help.


World Class Assistance
" Service When You Need It From Trained Friendly Pros"
support center
Fell free to send your question to our help desk and we'll get right back to you. UndetectableCellSpy™ is continuously supported by its original development team. We are pleased to assist with the installation, and welcome any comments and suggestions.

Open a support ticket

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put their trust in Undetectable-Cell-Spy

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Legal Disclaimer: It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check and obey all local, state, and federal laws when using
any type of surveillance equipment. All equipment is sold subject to all state and federal laws and regulations. This software
must be used for the remote protection of minors or employee tracking. Any other use of this software is prohibited
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